The Importance of Kitchen Tested Recipes

Recipes Galore

There are millions of recipes on the Internet and in cookbooks. Most come with pictures that look beautiful and enticing enough to make you want to try it out. But, before you go out and buy the ingredients and put all your time and energy into a new meal, appetizer or dessert, make sure it has been kitchen tested.

My Experience with Untested Recipes

It’s easy to cut and paste a bunch of recipes into a website or publish a book of recipes in order to get the sale. It’s a lot harder for the authors to verify that they have tried the recipes before they published them. About 10 years ago, I bought a book by a couple of award winning cooks. I thought I had a goldmine of meals and desserts. The pictures made the finished products look so good and the recipes were easy to follow. However, the finished products didn’t look anything like the pictures and, to boot, they just didn’t taste good. Recently, I took a recipe for a simple loaf of bread off the Internet. I haven’t made bread in a long time and when the recipe didn’t call for proofing the yeast, I thought something might be wrong. Since it had been a while since I made bread, I wondered whether someone discovered a different proofing process. Nope. The bread should have been proofed the old-fashioned way – sitting in sugar and water until it bubbled. High school home economics 101.

So, before you print a recipe off the Internet or buy a cookbook, make sure the author has actually made the darn thing.


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