2 Main Reasons to Keep the Landline

phone-old-year-built-1955-bakelite-163007.jpegAmericans are ditching their landlines in favor of cable phone service (voice over internet protocol) or cell phones. But elderly people may want to consider the real benefits to having a landline in their home or apartment. Here are the two main reasons:

1. The reception sounds better on a home phone. No doubt about it – home phones are much clearer and rarely, if ever, drop calls. If you have a hearing loss condition or live in a noisy household, a landline doesn’t have the echo chamber that most cell phones have.

2.  In case of an emergency, a landline is connected to your address. Even if you live in an apartment, the landline allows the 911 operator to know exactly which apartment number the emergency call is coming from. Calling 911 on a cell phone and not being able to give them your exact location is dangerous, because cell phones rely on towers and GPS for a person’s location. An emergency crew is in a hit or miss situation if you call on a cell phone and you can’t talk.

Granted, there is a cost to having a landline in addition to a cell phone. But the comforting benefit of a landline is knowing that people can actually hear you and, in case of an emergency, 911 will be much quicker to respond to your home.


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