Recipes Aplenty For Those Uneaten Girl Scout Cookies

I was a Girl Scout. I loved it, but the one thing I always hated was selling those darn Girl Scout cookies. Back then, we would have to go door-to-door asking for an order. Then, on the weekends during cookie season, we had to stand in front of grocery stores and ask complete strangers if they wanted to buy something from us. I’m not a sales person. Never have been. Never will be. To me, selling Girl Scout cookies was a humiliating experience because of my shyness. That’s why, every year for the past 40 years, I buy two boxes of each kind of cookie from the same little Girl Scout. If she is like I was, nothing can be more mortifying than asking a stranger for money.

In order to avoid eating two boxes of everything at once – and it is tempting – we freeze them and eat the cookies throughout the year. But, more often than not, we have leftovers from the prior year, most often the shortbreads – the Trefoils. This year I had six boxes of Trefoils in the freezer, but I still ordered two boxes of everything from the restaurant owner’s little daughter.  I had to.  It was my promise to myself to make a difference with just one little girl who may be shy and timid and didn’t want to sell to strangers.

What to do? What to do? What to do with all these extra Trefoils.  Well, I finally decided that I should crush them up and make something with them, but I didn’t know what would taste good or what to add to these buttery shortbread wonders. I thought and thought but couldn’t come up with anything. So, I turned to the Internet, and to my total surprise, there were tons of web sites that have recipes using Girl Scout cookies. From Delish, which conducted a contest on the best recipe using Girl Scout cookies, to the Girl Scout website itself which categorizes the recipes by the type of cookie, I had all the recipes I needed for a lifetime, plus some thought-starters to create my own recipes. As I read through the abundance of ingredients and instructions, I thought to myself, “I’ll never have leftover Samoas or Thin Mints so why am I reading this one.” But I guess that’s not the point. The point is that there are many people like me who buy Girl Scout cookies for whatever their reasons, then don’t eat them. Well, I’m here to tell you that based on my research there are plenty of ways to use the cookies if you don’t eat them straight up.

Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

What to do with unused Girl Scout Cookies


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